Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm here. I just don't have a lot to say lately. 



Jenny said...

S'ok. We missed you. See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are hanging on okay.
PS ... I'm the blogger formly known as Pixie, back to blogging in a new spot now.

Christine said...

Jenny, I loved having the kiddo over! They had an awesome time, next time bring them both!

I'm on the countdown - T minus 2 hours until I see my shrink and get some happy pills! Oh joy!

Christine said...

Pixie, I have been wondering WHERE THE HELL YOU'VE BEEN!!! Good to see you back, I wish you'd stopped in a few weeks ago, my KB training was rocking the house. Now? Not so much. I went down in the basement yesterday to do laundry and say my KBs, gymboss, and iPod and got so sad. I miss doing it. But I'm just so damn tired and stressed, I can't bring myself to start back in. Soon, though.