Monday, November 10, 2008

Where I eat some good stuff

I made a dish inspired by this post at Melting Mama. It sounded good and so easy to make, and it was. I caramelized onions, then cooked the brown rice in that with some chicken stock. I cooked the lentils separately and added them in. I ate it cold for lunch, and it was delish.

Dinner was steaks (they were a tad on the tough side, so I didn't eat much) and eggplant sauteed with garlic, wilted kale, and goat cheese. It was creamy and good, and the kids ate it well. My only snack today has been about 20 almonds and a few dried cherries. I had cream of wheat for 'dessert' - mostly because I was still hungry and it's filling (and I love it). It was a good day, as far as choices go. Plus, a kb workout and 3 hours of raking and bagging leaves in 35 degree weather. I'm beat. 


Julie said...

I love cream of wheat! my grandmother used to make it for me when I was a kid and no one made it better. :)

Christine said...

I have been eating it every day! My Dad used to make it for me on the weekends when I was a little girl, it's very comforting.