Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Workout post, inspired by Amy, sort of

Small swing set, only 400. I plan on a long walk tonight, and since I didn't get swinging until late, I didn't want to wear myself out before my walk. Anyway, mostly single transfers, alternating between the 8kg and 12kg, but I did manage one set (a minute) of two handed swings with the 16kg! I haven't touched that one in awhile, and I typically would only do sets of maybe 10 at a time. So, 40 in a row is a lot, for me! It was burning for sure! 

Off for my walk.


Amy said...

Nice work! Keep it up and you'll be swing that 16kg one-handed before June is over!!!

Christine said...

I don't know... I really HURT today! But I figure, the easier it is to swing the 16kg, the easier it will be to snatch the 12kg!