Tuesday, May 27, 2008


610 reps, mostly swings. Double swings with the two 8 kg were a killer for sure, talk about getting your heart rate up! Mixed up the weight - equal parts 8 kg, double 8 kg, and 12 kg. Did a few sets of snatches and double C&P. I have found that 2 handed swings are a lot harder for me to do than single swings/transfers. I have been noticing a straining feeling in my elbows when I do 2 handed swings. Not sure if it's the placement of my hands and arms or what, but I'm sticking with singles as much as possible.

My oldest has his 6th grade 'graduation' tonight. I can't believe he's going into Middle School next year. Where does the time go?


Julie said...

6th grade graduation?!??!?! Please give him my congrats! :)

Amy said...

I am a new RKC and must try out my new powers on you. It is useless to resist. ;-))

Pain in the elbows is not good. Are you keeping your arms straight? Are you talking about when you hold one KB with two hands? If so, you may need to adjust your grip. The 12 kg doesn't have a very large handle. I find that I need to keep my pinkie finger off the bell during two-handed swings. Then my elbows stay parallel to the ground.

There's my $.02. Hope it gets better. Props for keeping the swings going.

BTW - my son has his last day of 4th grade tomorrow. Next year he will attend a middle school. Geez, I don't know how he can be so old when I've stayed 27 for the last ten years! lol

Christine said...

Arms are straight, grip is fine (I have freakishly small hands). I can't figure it our for the life of me, so I stick to single transfers. At least, for now. Except when I swing the 16kg. That requires two hands no matter what! Yowch!

Christine said...

Julie, it was bittersweet for sure. I'll send you pics!