Friday, May 30, 2008

Where I say goodbye

Dear Leo,

You have been a good cat. I still remember the first time I saw you, in a sea of adoptable kitties, there you were, the ugliest and orneriest one there. I pointed to you and said 'that one'. My then-husband said 'really? He's kind of ugly' - but there was something about you I just fell in love with. You have been a pistol from Day one. You are the alpha male of the house, you have ruled the roost, and been my little buddy. You have been a wonderful companion to me, and always seemed to know when I needed you to crawl up in my lap. I will miss having you to snuggle with at night, the way you would burrow your face into the crook of my neck and purr. I am going to miss you so much, it hurts. But it seems selfish to keep you alive, knowing how crappy you feel. I know you will go to a better place, where you will be a young cat again, and eat tuna all day, and there will be all manner of critters for you to chase. Hopefully, there will be a nice angel's lap to curl up in, too. I am going to make the most of these last few days with you, and give you a proper send off. You've been the best cat anyone could ask for, and I know that I will see you again, someday.

Love, Mommy

These tears I've cried

I've cried 1000 oceans

And if Im floating

In the darkness

Well I cant believe that I would keep

Keep you from flying

And I will cry 1000 more if thats

What it takes to sail you home

Sail you home sail you home


Anonymous said...

OH Christine, reading that I felt just a fraction of the pain and cried. I love my pup and know when the time comes I will feel just like you do now. I'll be thinking about you. He sounds like a cool cat.

Christine said...

Thank you so much. He's been failing for several months now, and we're leaving town on Wednesday, so I just don't feel comfortable leaving him for almost a week with my neighbor checking in twice a day. Putting him down is something I have known I need to do for awhile, and just kept putting off, for the usual selfish reasons. I told the kids we'll be taking him in on Monday, so we have the weekend to say goodbye. I'm just afraid I'll lose my nerve. But he's very old (we're not sure - between 15 and 18) and he's not well. It's just so hard. He's been my baby for 10 years.

Julie said...

oh, Leo. :(

It's so hard when a pet becomes a family member but you want to do what is best for them. it sounds like he has had such a rich life with you and your family! what a loved cat he is. I know this is so hard though. I am thinking of you.

Scott said...
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