Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Workout Post

605 reps - 470 with the 8kg in 4 min on/off, the rest with the 12kg in 1:1 ratio. Four min. sets were rotated as in other routines, a min. of single transfers, min. of swinging twice before transfer, a min. of 5 swings per arm before transfer, then a min of roundabouts. 

I am in LOVE with the peanut butter cookie Lara Bars. I love Lara Bars anyway, but this new flavor is so yummy, you'd swear it's loaded with bad stuff. Ingredients? Dates, peanuts, and salt. I had one this morning as I was leaving Whole Foods and was ravenous (no breakfast) and devoured it in about a half a minute! I think it will do the trick when I have a sweet tooth.

Lunch: leftover lentil/brown rice, topped with sauteed wilted kale cooked in with bacon and garlic. It was good.

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