Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where I swing and start to feel like myself

Let's see.... 502 swings in timed sets of 2 min on/ 1 min off. Swung with the 12kg, because after a few reps with the 8kg, I knew it wasn't going to do it. If you can swing and you're bored and not working up a sweat, it's time to move on and up. After hitting 502, I turned off the gymboss and picked up the 16kg and did some un-timed sets. I did single transfers in sets of 10-15 until I hit 565. Then I did 50 C&P with the 8kg, in sets of 5 per arm. I tried to really use my whole body for the C&P, instead of just thinking about my arms. It worked incredibly well. It was a good workout. 

I think the zoloft is about out of my system. I can tell mostly at night, because that tends to be my anxiety time. But I'm dealing, and I feel more normal -normal for me. My weight is still hovering around 136, which is drastically better than what it has been. My days look like this: morning coffee with half and half or cream, then I take my CLA, omega 3, calcium (found out at the doc that I've shrunk, yaay for me), vitamin E and probiotic. At lunch I make a protein shake with either water or skim milk (depending on my hunger), psyllium fiber, flax seeds, and some berries. I usually have a Lara bar an hour or so after that. Then dinner I try to have be something healthy and/or light. Last night was beet greens and carrots sauteed with a little bacon and garlic. It was good. Unfortunately, tonight I'm going to a friend's for an early Thanksgiving. I'm going to make every attempt to control myself. 

Alright, I'm off to shower and get ready to go.

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