Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow, I'm proud of myself. There was no bingeing or over eating of any kind tonight. It was a very crowded, busy party, and I took Dad with me, so I was more focused on making sure he had enough to eat and drink. I finally made it through the very long line... and the food was pretty well picked over, and not hot. I'm a bit of a food snob, and becoming more so since I'm really trying to watch every bite that goes into my mouth. I want it to count! I want it to be food I really want to eat, and that tastes wonderful - if not, what's the point? Especially if it's going to be a 'cheat' meal? So I picked at a little turkey, a few brussel sprouts, and that was about it. I did have a very small slice of the pie I made, and that is all. The interesting thing I noticed - I was famished, stomach growling on the way down, couldn't wait to stuff my face, but then once we got there and I got in caregiver mode, I sort of forgot I was hungry. The urge to eat a lot just went away. Interesting. 

Dad had a lot of fun and ate enough for the both of us. I kept loading up his plate. He has lost a lot of weight, and he needs to fatten up a bit. I was glad he and I got a little 'date' out without the rest of the family. I know in years to come, I will cherish these memories.

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