Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where I introduce you to my new friend

Meet Betty:

Isn't she the dreamiest? I adore the dice tire caps! And the pink on the inside of the wheels! You can't help but smile when you are riding her. I rode her home from the bike shop (6 miles) because she wouldn't fit in the van, and it was a good ride. As I wound through the Plaza, I had a lot of people comment on my bike, especially older folks who were reminded of the bikes from their youth. I rode the neighborhood a bit, and a group of preteen girls told me they loved my bike. I'll be the envy of eleven year old girls everywhere! 

The tag along works great with Addie. I'll post a picture tomorrow, but she got the hang of it quickly, and let me tell you, it's a workout with her attached to the back of me! I'm going for a night ride now, even though I'm tired as hell, it's a nice night, so I'm going to go put in a few more miles on her.


Amy said...

It's toooooo much! I love, love, love Betty! Everyone should have something this fun to ride. I do, only mine has a motor - my Harley Softail Deluxe! Betty comes in a close second in my book! Congratulations!!

Christine said...

I saw a guy on a motorcycle when I was riding yesterday, and he commented that my bike had a lot of old motorbike detailing. All that's missing is the motor (me!) Bryan and I both would love to own a Ducati, it would be my motorcycle of choice. Someday!