Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where I try to come up with a witty title, but fail miserably

I walked last night, I'd say maybe three or four miles, based on the time I was gone and pace I walked at. I slept much better, but still stayed up too late. I really have a hard time functioning on 6 hours of sleep, I need 8 or more. But y'know, it's election season, and I get sucked into MSNBC most nights. I have to start turning off the tv earlier.

Yesterday was chemo day for dad, and I took the morning shift. I find it interesting that even though it's a day mostly spent sitting around, I come home utterly exhausted. Maybe it's just the emotional drain of it, I don't know. 

I'm having a really difficult time balancing everything these days. Most of the time, it seems like I'm barely holding it all together. I'm stretched in a million different directions, and I'm tired. I don't make the best choices with food. Most days, I'm too apathetic to even care about how I look. Which is really not me - I tend to be more on the vain end of the spectrum! But I just don't care about much anymore. I'm too tired to even be depressed - it's just a numbness. 

I ordered a bike, which will hopefully be here by the weekend. I also am getting a tag-a-long for Addie to ride on, and I'm hoping to ride it for all errands under 2 miles (pretty much encompassing my neighborhood, grocery stores, Addie's preschool, coffee shops, parent's hose, etc). It's cute as hell, and I haven't had a bike in years. PLus, I've never had a bike that was new, and mine. Only hand me dons from my brother. I always wanted a girly bike, and I'm excited to get one, finally!

I also threw a baby shower for a friend, as well as her friend that I barely know (I was none to happy to get roped into doing it for another person.) It was fun to plan it, but it was a lot of work, and a lot of expense. Plus, I am so over the baby experience. Anyhoo...

I'm off for lunch and a trip to the park with Addie.

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