Monday, October 13, 2008

Where I bike 14 miles

Took Addie to school with the tag along and then rode back home (2 miles round trip) and then rode to my parent's house (1 mile) and then on to Westport and Broadway Cafe (5 miles or so) had a mocha (really felt like I had earned it!) and then biked back home (longer route, 6.5 miles or so? Maybe 7?) 

I can't stress this enough: I. Love. My. Bike. Why did it take me this long to get one? I didn't know what I was missing! 

It's gotten me thinking about my body image, because let's face it, I haven't been happy with where I'm at on the scale, leading me to feel like a giant fat ass blob. However, riding up steep hills, feeling my quads and calves go to work, it makes me feel... well, strong. Capable. Muscular. If I was out of shape and ate cheetos all day, I wouldn't have the strength to ride that long. I'd be winded going down the street. SO, even though aesthetically I'm not entirely happy with my body, there's no denying that I have built up a lot of muscle mass with KBs and long walking. Inspired by Mark and Tracy's collaborative post, I'm going to really try to embrace my newfound strength. Or, to quote Mark: " The goal of training is NOT to induce anorexia, it is to build strength, condition, endurance, flexibility, power and ability. Health. At any weight. "

Right on! 


Mark Reifkind said...

right on indeed!when I left bodybuilding for powerlifting I was so happy because no longer would i be 'judged' by how I looked but instead could be an athlete again and focus on what I did, and what my body could do, instead of my appearance.
I so wish women would focus more on their abilities instead of their appearance. I know, I know, I know how hard it is( must be) especially in this day and age but it has never been more critical imo. especially as we grow older and should be shedding some of that ego attachment.
No one's perfect, no one will ever be and trying to be will kill your soul.keep on training because that's what really important.that's what shows you the way into yourself.
glad you liked the post


Christine said...

It IS hard - really hard! I hang out with a group of women from Henry's school, and they are all crazy skinny. A few of them I'd say are too skinny, but the envy is still there. The difference is that I am much stronger. I went to yoga with one, and while I envied how she looked in her tight ensemble, I was holding poses longer and was going into deeper stretches. Another one also likes to bike, and suggested we ride together, but after hearing the routes I go, decided I was too much for her. Would I like to look like them and still be as muscular? Of course! Am I willing to starve myself down to my ideal weight? Hell no! I do think that men have it easier. Society cast a much less critical eye on all of you. I'm fortunate to have a husband that doesn't buy into the BS. ( He thinks I should be She Hulk for Halloween.) I just need ME to not buy into it.

hillary said...

i love biking too. i need to get a grown up bike though and a helmet...although i might be thick in the head, im probably not thick enough to win a fight with the pavement....

Christine said...

You should check out Bern helmets, and Nutcase helmets are pretty cool, too.

Go look at the Electra website, their bikes are awesome!