Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where I dream

I could not resist a ride tonight - despite my sore legs. I know, I should have swung, but it's such a nice cool fall night, and we were going to the 'Math and Science Night' at Henry's school - so I figured I just ride my bike and meet them there. 

Coming home, it was already dark, and there's no light on my bike. It reminded me of a recurring dream I would have as a kid - where I'd be walking down my street in the dark, and I would begin to run, taking bounding leaps that would get progressively higher and I would pause ever so slightly in mid air, then I'd float, then I'd be flying. My dream would seem so real, I'd always be sad when I'd wake up and realize it wasn't real. Sailing down a pitch black street tonight, no cars, no people, just the indigo sky, stars, and me, it felt like I was flying. I felt free.


hillary said...

once i get that riding rhythm, and the wind is in my ears whistling all funny and stinging my eyes, i like to take my hands off the bars like a little kid and pretend like i'm hang-gliding

...unless i just picked up a twelve pack of course.

Amy said...

Swing, Schming. If riding Betty makes you feel free and relieves some stress, go for it! No guilt. You have all winter to swing, but only a handfull of crisp autumn days/nights to ride.


Christine said...

hillary - a 12 pack is just irresponsible! A 6 pack is much lighter and aerodynamic, easily balanced on the handle bars. Then I can call you Hillary siz pack and you can vote for McCain/Palin. Eek!

Christine said...

Amy - that's the truth! You live in the same weather region as me, so I KNOW you know what we're in for in a few short months: weeks upon weeks of dismal cold! Then my only option will be swinging!