Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where I do lots of riding, swinging, and stand for 5 hours to see Obama

Okay, I'm keeping this one short and sweet, because I plan on doing a blog update on Dad's site about seeing Obama, but suffice it to say, the experience can be included under workouts, too! I put my bike on Bryan's car and drove to Rachel's house - she lives at 36th and Harrison, a few miles from the Liberty Memorial where Obama was speaking - and rode over. My plan was to avoid traffic and parking when I was coming out. It was a nice, hilly ride, and then 5 hours of standing. There were 75,000 people. It was nuts! I didn't get as close as I'd like, but it was still cool to see him and hear him speak. I was very inspired! Anyway, when it was over, I hopped on my bike and tried to bypass the pedestrians. I got out onto he road and zipped through traffic - got to Rachel's house in about 15 minutes, put the bike on the rack, and drove home. I called a friend who also went, and she was still in the parking lot! I was almost home!

Anyhoo, I did 1,050 swings tonight. Four minutes of work, two minutes of rest. Taking a page from Tracy's Handbook, I broke down the sets like this:
minute 1 - single transfers
minute 2 - 2 swings, then transfer
minute 3 - 'roundabouts'
minute 4 - 5 swings per arm, then transfer

Tomorrow will be a bike ride to Westport, and yoga if I'm not too tired.


Tracy Reifkind said...

4 min sets, cool!

Christine said...

And not as hard as I thought they'd be, either!