Friday, October 24, 2008

Where I can fit in my jeans again, thank you jesus

The bread bloat is mostly gone, and now I need to really get serious. I can't rely on zoloft to curb my appetite, when obviously, it's leveled out and not giving me that side affect anymore. Bummer.

I don't necessarily eat when I'm stressed. I don't tend to be a candy binge kind of girl, or a whole bag of chips, or anything like that. No, when I'm stressed or sad, I bake. It's the most comforting thing for me. It conjures up the happiest childhood memories for me. Mom in the kitchen, wearing her apron with the French hen on it, me playing with the scraps of dough and making little 'pies', the snow coming down outside, just feeling cozy and safe. 

So I bake, and it sits on the counter, and I nibble. And nibble. And nibble a little more. Maybe it's time to fire up the business again so I give it all away! 

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Baking to stave off the sadness of what's going on with Dad. 

Time to work on de-flea-ing the upstairs now. Finished the downstairs last night. I am so over this.

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