Saturday, September 20, 2008

Workout Post

Paltry 320 reps - but hey, it's nearly 10 o'clock at night, at least I did it. I could have just as easily said 'oh, it's late, I'll do it tomorrow' - but you know what? Tomorrow will be just as busy as today. Get it fucking done.

Weak as hell, tired, headache, unmotivated. Tried to have a pattern - swing 5, snatch on the 5th with the 12 kg, but rapidly lost the strength, It was a mismosh, I'll be honest. Did a few sets with the 16kg, probably a mistake, since I felt so weak going into it. Oh well, live and learn! 

Went looking at bikes and fell in love with this - oh, she's even cuter in person. I went in thinking I'd want this one, or maybe this one, and while this one is totally impractical, I love it too -  but there was something about Miss Navy in person that is just me. I love the sailor pin up girl detail, the polka dots on the back of the seat, it's got personality! I am deeply in love. I want. And if we didn't need to get Bryan's car in for new brakes, I would have boought her on the spot. But soon, she will be mine. I will get a basket to put on the front and play the soundtrack to Amelie as I winding down the countryside of Prairie Village with my baguette and brie in my basket. I can dream.

I have a new blog about Dad, link is to the right. It's a 'public' blog, as it were, so that people that I really do NOT want reading this one can still be updated. So much writing to do. Oy.


hillary said...

i'll only comment on this blog because i dont want any of those people reading my blog either!!

god, i love flapjack. i hope he keeps you company as well as he keeps me company.

Christine said...


I really do a good impression. You can imagine.

I look forward to making your Mom weep on my other blog.