Monday, September 29, 2008

Where I try to go off sugar. Again.

You'll recall, I tried this back in April, with some success. That is, until.... Dad got put in the hospital, surprise diagnosis of very advanced lung cancer. I managed to make it one day in the hospital sticking to 'no sugar' - but by day 2, it was ON. I ate an entire huge bag of m&ms in one sitting. It's been downhill ever since. 

I can't keep using my dad's illness as an excuse for the way I eat. At some point, I have to decide to just get on with my life - while still caring for him and being a good daughter - but I can't put everything else on hold. I felt really good once I 'detoxed' last spring. I had a lot more energy, and wasn't really feeling deprived in any sense. So I'm back to square one, and we'll see how I do. The next few days will be rough, but I know if I can make it past 4 days, I'm golden. 

That's all. I'm off to clean and then go to yoga.

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