Monday, September 1, 2008

Where I swing heavy

Oy. 310 reps, 30 seconds on/off. First 3 sets with 12kg, next 4 sets with 16kg (singles) and some sets of a swing, C&P, swing, snatch combo with the 12kg. Finished with alternating sets of swinging 12 then 16. Ow. Owowowowow. 

Half the numbers, but nary an 8kg rep in the bunch, and twice the amount of work with the 16kg than I usually do. And boy howdy, do I feel it. Snatching the 12kg is hard, y'all, but damn, I have to move up sometime! I look at the number of snatches I have to do for RKC, and man, i have a ways to go.

Anyhoo, family stuff is... there. Nothing new. Back on my meds, because no, I apparently cannot deal with them unmedicated. Going to the pool now, last day it's open, last chance to swim some laps until next summer!

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