Friday, August 29, 2008

Where I feel a little better

Nothing like a balls out unedited rant to make you feel better. Even if I didn't actually say it to the people I'd like to, at least it's not sitting and festering. Thank you to Jenny for calling and talking me down off the ledge (again). I also talked to my Aunt, and that helped a little too. 

I'm hopeful for a good weekend with friends and family. I keep having to remind myself that my family is seriously damaged; this is not how normal parents treat their children. I love them dearly, but they are messes. They should have divorced decades ago. But, they didn't, and I am left trying to deal with what that means- my Mom caring for a terminally ill husband that she almost cannot stand, and vice versa. To say I get stuck in the crossfire is an understatement!

I feel better, body wise. I'm hoping to get back in the workout routine tomorrow. I'm ready.

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hillary said...

i love it when you say what you want, because you deserve to