Friday, September 26, 2008


No time for a big post, have to get Miss Addie to soccer clinic, but here's the stats:

Did a swing day at the park on Wednesday, 500 reps, did the swing 5/snatch/lockout/walk/neg. press/transfer thing with the 8kg, and a bunch of swings with the 12kg. Did another session today at the park, except it was 400 reps. A guy today asked me what I was training for (!!) and I thought for a minute and said 'nothing in particular, this is just a regular workout for me' - he replied that it looked like one hell of a workout! Hee! It made me feel good. I get lots of stares at the park (remember, there are NO KB resources in KC, and so most folks have never even heard of them. My friends keep call them my cowbells, "I need more cowbell!") But so far, this is the first person who has asked me about them. 

Only did yoga on Monday, to tired after swinging Wednesday. Need to try to get to a class tomorrow. Tonight is Henry's school carnival and the first Debate! Can't wait! 


Julie said...
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Julie said...

oh, wasn't that debate SOMETHING?

can. not. WAIT. til thursday's!

Christine said...

Fer reals! It's going to be like one big SNL skit! Woot!