Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where I start to lose my voice

My cell phone has become an appendage. I am on it constantly. My mom says I need to set 'boundaries' - but I feel bad, if someone calls, I hate to screen it. It's rude. If someone cares enough to call me, I want to give them the courtesy of my attention. But I am getting a little hoarse.

I am still in a fog. Dad starts radiation day after tomorrow. He'll lose his hair all at once, so we're supposed to shave it off. My dad has always had this very thick, full head of hair. It was almost black when he was younger, and in recent years, it's a silvery-white. I always say that when I go grey, I want it to look like his. It makes me sad to think that it will soon be gone.

He's been feeling better, the steroids have reduced the swelling in his brain and made him more coherent. And kind of a pain in the ass. He keeps getting out of bed and setting the alarm and arguing with me, the nurses, my mom. He is not a good patient. I have to stop and remind myself that he has very little time left of his life, I need to be understanding of that. 

Tomorrow is another grinding day. Tyler to KU Med for his Endo appointment. His Grandma is meeting us there so I don't have to stay the whole time. I'm juggling all the kids so much, it's hard to remember who is going where. 

Bed now.

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