Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where I cease to give a shit

I fell off the wagon yesterday in terms of sugar. It was the conversation with the social worker about extreme measures and funeral arrangements that pushed me over the edge. I lost another pound anyway. 133. Woo. I'd rather be 135 and have a healthy dad.

Dad was more coherent last night. The steroids have made the swelling in his brain go down. I feel like I'm in a nightmare where I can't wake up. I keep it together most of the time, but then I have breakdowns that come out of nowhere. 


Amy said...


I am so very sorry about your dad.

Your heart, soul, mind, and body are in a state of change now. You've had a lot to take in a very short amount of time. You'll want to go to things that are familiar and comfortable so you can have some rest from all of the upheaval. Don't sweat the bag of M&Ms.
(This from an overthinker! When are we going to start our support group? Overthinkers Anonymous)

Christine said...

Ha! Totally. I spend way too much time 'in my head'.

I'm very fortunate that I have a faster metabolism than most people - I don't tend to gain weight easily, but I have a hard time losing what I have. I'm not eating much- but what I am eating is total crap. I'm sure I'll get my bearings at some point. It's all just so new.

Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed reading your blog.