Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where I start snatching the 12kg

Kept my promise to myself - only worked with the 26lb (12kg). Managed 300 swings- sets of 30 seconds on/off, alternating sets of single transfers and two handed swings. Did five snatches on each arm - my goal was to do three. I'm confident that as I continue to swing with it instead of the 18lb, I will be able to snatch more. 

eta: went for a monstrous walk after dinner, I'd estimate 4-5 miles? I'll have to drive the route tomorrow to see how far it was. I typically don't walk and swing in the same day, but I had the time, it was nice out, and still light to boot - so I figured what the hell. I feel good, a little sore, and sleepy. It's all good.

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