Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where I discover the best kept diet secret!

Yeah, put rancid nuts in your salad. You will effectively lose your appetite and sip tea for lunch instead.

Note to self: check expiration date on sunflower seeds you don't remember buying before putting them on your salad you spent 15 minutes making. Only to dump in the trash.

I still cannot get the funky taste out of my mouth. Ack!

I didn't do any physical activity yesterday. I attempted yoga, but after a few vinyasas, I was simply not finding my groove. That's the pisser about yoga: you really have to give it your all and be in the zone for it to be effective. I can go do a swing workout feeling not into it - knowing that after a few sets, I'll get in the groove and find my motivation. Not so with yoga. And I really need NO distractions when it comes to yoga - ergo, not a great choice when you have kids in your face every 2 seconds.

Today is a swing/snatch day. The soreness in my shoulders has, for the most part, diminished. I plan on using only the 26 today. Meaning, my numbers are probably going to go down significantly. But I have to move up in weight, and that isn't going to just magically happen overnight. Snatching the 18 pounder 100 times is all fine and dandy, but you can't get certified snatching the 18. Can you hear my internal dialouge? I really am dreading this. But I'll do it, to the best of my ability. I figure I'll start out with a few swing sets to warm up, then go right into snatches, before I tire out to quickly. It's also a sunny day here, and not too cold, so I get to swing outside - a nice break from the crappy, dirty basement. 

Alrighty, finishing my tea, then outside to swing/snatch. 

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