Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where I lose a few pounds and run out of steam

The scale was a shocker - I have been weighing in the 139 range for a few weeks, so imagine my surprise when I weighed in at 135 today! I remember saying to Tracy last summer that I'd be happy if I could lose five pounds (this was when I was actually at 135 to start with) and her reply was something along the lines of 'five pounds? That's just a few days away, if you put your mind to it!' At the time, I thought she was nuts. I mean, let's be honest - she's hard core. She monitors every bite that she eats, she trains harder than anyone I know, and her kids are all grown (whining toddlers can put a serious crimp in a dieting/workout lifestyle. Fer reals, y'all.) But lo and behold, after a mere week of tightening up and putting my all into my workouts - as well as incorporating long ass walks in between swing days - and voila! Now, we'll see if I can stay dedicated and keep the momentum. 

I stopped at the park last night while on my walk and did a few sets of 'knees to elbows' from Crossfit. You hang from a bar at full extension, and then slowly pull your knees up towards your elbows (hence the name). I was only able to do a few sets, but considering I've never been able to do any exercise involving hanging from a bar, I figure I'm coming along. My upper body strength has come a long way in the last year, for sure. 

Today should be a swing day - although I've been averaging every third day instead of every other - but I'm still pretty tight through the shoulders from Sunday. So I'm debating if I should skip it and do yoga to stretch, or suck it up and swing. I was really wanting to snatch the 26, though, and I don't feel I have the stamina today. Hmmm. Well ,the day isn't over yet, and some of my best workouts are done in the evening. I'll have to see how the day unfolds!

I'm sure you wondering what I've been eating (or not eating!) to have such good results. It's pretty basic - I typically either only have coffee and half and half in the morning, maybe a couple of eggs if I'm hungry, then lunch is either a salad or a cooked veggie and meat. Dinner is usually similar to lunch - meat, veggie, little to no carbs. I snack on mixed nuts during the day, or maybe banana and peanut butter. The bottom line is- I am trying to eat less. I have been having ice cream about every other or every third night (real stuff, not low fat) but trying to keep it in moderation. I really think the biggest part of it is the combo of lesser calories and heavier, higher rep workouts. It's seemed to give my metabolism a kick in the right direction. I sleep better at night, too. 

So that's it for now, have to go do more laundry....

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