Monday, March 31, 2008

Where I ponder

Ever since I started getting serious about KBs (about last June) I have pondered off and on the idea of getting certified. I was gung ho for the idea August- September, when I was training really hard and every other day, without fail. Then, October cam, and fall/winter baking orders, and suddenly, training went out the window. I would swing sporadically, when I could find the time or motivation, but it was very inconsistent. I have eased back in since January, and feel I'm back up to where I was - maybe even better. At least more focused. I definitely have a 'plan' in mind when I go downstairs to swing. 

The other morning, I was having coffee with some of the moms from Henry's school, and the subject of KBs came up. I have already converted one mom, who was extolling their praises. Another mom was very interested and asked if I'd come help her learn the ropes and train her. I protested "but I'm not certified!" And then I thought, well, why not? The only thing that's really keeping me from doing it is money - let's face it, even with the early bird special, it ain't cheap! I don't know about the rest of you, but 1800 bucks is a lot of money in my book! But I'm still thinking about it. As Bryan pointed out, there are very few KB resources in Kansas City. Only one certified trainer that I was able to find. He also pointed out that I'd probably make more money at it than baking. Good point. I do love to bake, and I am good at it, but it is purely a labor of love at this point. I make very little profit, when you factor in time and raw materials. 

So from here, I have to get to snatching the 26lb. The certification test requires 60 snatches - counting both arms- without stopping. I can do that with the 18lb for sure, but I haven't snatched the 26 since last fall. I'm always afraid of losing control on that one. But, I have to start. I'm setting a goal of snatching it 3 times per side for the next workout. We'll see what that brings.....

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