Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where I finally sit down. In my own house. Thank Jeebus.

I have been gogogoing for far too long. It seems like every day (during the week, anyway) I hit the ground running. I am pulled in every direction by expectations of my mother, my father, my kids, friends.... the only person who is really good about giving me my space is my husband. He seems to be the only one that gets it that sometimes I just want to be left the hell alone. 

My astoundingly, unfathomably generous in-laws sent money to both us and my parents. My mom called me while we were at the Cancer Center, crying because she was so overwhelmed with the kindness of it. She said she couldn't accept it.... I told her "he won't take it back. This man, when he is determined to do something nice, will find a way to do it, and you had better not say no. Because he'll do it anyway." It's just that kind of man he is. I've never in my life known someone who was so willing to be generous with their money with absolutely no strings attached. The man blows me away, truly. To not only love and care for me, but for my family as well? It's just too much. 

Not a lot else here. Tyler's first shipment of Humatrope came today, so he'll be starting his growth hormones soon. And that is it for now.


Jenny said...

I'll be curious about the Humatrope. People are starting to ask us when we are going to do that for Drew, I don't think we will but am v interested in how it goes for Ty.

Christine said...

Yeah, there's a difference between people saying 'your kid's short' (which my response was usually 'your kid's an asshole' - I mean, who says shit like that?) and finding out your kid is producing NO growth hormone on his own. Trust me, this was not entered into lightly. I have never wanted to resort to HGH injections, but when he flatlined in his growth in the last year - as in no growing, at all, and they told me we'd be lucky if he hit five feet tall, I figured, let's do it. It scares the hell out of me, but I want him to be at least my height, and I'm 5'6. I'll let you know how it goes.

Seriously, it always pissed me off when people would talk about Tyler's size. Give the kid a complex, please. Grrrrr.

Julie said...

that was great of your in-laws! Glad you got a chance to sit down at home.

Christine said...

My in-laws are the best, really! How are YOU doing?