Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where the blisters are healed, sort of.

Swing day, finally. Outside, too (!!!!!!) - almost too warm. Well, it's only in the mid 70's, but when you're used to temps in the 40s and 50s, that's a frigging heat wave. My right blister is still a little tender, so I was very careful in regards to hand placement. I also noticed that my fingers on the same hand were a little achy trying to do the hook grip. No matter, I got it done. 600 swings, only with the 8 kg. I didn't want to push it in terms of my hands, so I went light. I'll ease back into the heavier over the next week. I did a minute on, a minute off, except the last set, where I did 2 minutes of swinging (I was so close to the end, I just didn't want to stop!) It felt good. I have noticed that for me, no matter my energy level, the first 200 swings are the hardest to get through. I always feel weak and unmotivated. But if I can push past that, I find that I get quite an endorphin rush that will carry me through whatever workout I want to do. 

We're going to Stroud's for dinner tonight. Oy. It's one of Dad's favorites, and soon he won't be able to eat anything, so we want to go now, while he still feels ok. It doesn't sound good to me at all. This zoloft has left me with little to no appetite. Even when I'm hungry, nothing ever sounds good, so I find myself eating a little of whatever just so the hunger pangs go away. I don't enjoy food like I used to... which is good and bad, for obvious reasons.  

Here's my Dad, after we shaved what was left of his gorgeous head of hair.... I love you, Dad.


Julie said...

your dad is adorable!

Christine said...

His hair is actually growing in in a few places! I'm sure as he has a few more chemo treatments, the rest will fall out. He's hanging in there, like all of us are.