Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where I don't sleep and have a sick Henry

Poor Henry, he ran a fever last weekend, and now this weekend, too. He was outside a lot yesterday, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's tied in with his asthma. He's coller now, thanks to motrin. We'll see how he feels when it wears off.

I woke up ravenous this morning, so Bryan made me bacon and eggs and toast. I am typically not a breakfast eater, so this is odd. Maybe the calorie restriction and lack of sugar? I don't know, but I feel okay, despite the lack of sleep. 

Let's see... it's a quarter to five, and usually about this time, I am in bed, too exhausted to move. I have been on the go all day, fueled by: aforementioned breakfast, sugar free hazelnut latte ( I really didn't want to use anything sugar free, but I figure it's a good stepping stone to wean myself off sweetener in my coffee), raw carrots, bell pepper, and broccoli dipped in a garlicky yogurt dip, and an assortment of berries with a one ounce chunk of cheddar cheese. Total calories so far = 689! And I am just now feeling a little peckish. 

I have the parents coming over for dinner - dad has been working nights at the IRS and we never see him, so I offered to cook on his night off. I'm making a healthy veggie lasagna from Moosewood, a salad, and bread. 

It's been a good day, a busy day, and it's been nice to not feel tired for a change.

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