Friday, April 4, 2008

I am senorita crankypants for sure. 

I'm planning out my food day, though, and getting ready to go clean out the fridge and wash and put away veggies. I'm making a soup tonight with chicken thighs, squash, beans, a rutabaga, and swiss chard. (And onion and garlic of course). I'm going to make a salad for lunch, with daikon radishes, carrots, peppers, and either hard boiled egg or tuna. My kitchen is a mess, though, so I have to go clean it before I can do anything else.

The sun has come out, both boys have playdates this afternoon, meaning Addie and I got to go for a nice walk. Nothing like a 35 pound toddler in a stroller for some weight resistance. I came home and tried to swing, but lordy have mercy! I was beat. I did about 120 reps with the 12kg, in sets of 20, 30 second sets. I'm sure I could have done more with the 8kg - but I'm really trying for quality over quantity right now. Someday soon, I'll have both!

My mom has generously offered to watch the kids so we can go out for sushi. So the soup I had planned will have to wait - because we do not pass up a few hours away! I already looked up nutrition info and calories on my favorite items, and luckily I have kept my calories so low, I'll be able to enjoy a nice meal. 

As far as the daikon goes, it was okay. I had the greens, too, which I wasn't crazy about, but the veggie itself was alright. I think I made too spicy a vinaigrette, I put a lot of ginger and garlic in, and the radish is already kind of spicy, so next time, I think I'll opt for something a little more mild. 

I've survived day 2 of no sugar, and aside from feeling horrendous this morning (something was seriously not good with my stomach) and a little sluggish this afternoon, I'm doing okay. I'm confident that a week from now I will feel like a new person.

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