Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where it's 70 out

Oh my god, we have had 2 days of amazing weather. Of course, we have a front moving in right now, bringing torrential rains turning to snow overnight, and temps the rest of the week will be in the 30's. Grrrr. But we made hay while the sun shined - spent as much time outside with the kids as possible. Went on a lot of long walks. I took a walk this morning with the kids - about 2 miles? And did 200 swings, and 100 crunches. I haven't done any crunches since I quit aerobics! I think my abs were definitely wondering what the hell was going on. I'm trying to mix things up a little, keep my muscles guessing. I worked a little more on my technique swinging today - something really hard to do when you train alone, with no other KB resources save the internet! But I have been studying how Tracy swings, and noticed that on heavier bells, she doesn't necessarily swing chest high, and her arms sometimes have a little bend to them. I think I have been too passive on the downswing, letting it fall and follow the natural motion as opposed to a pull-push. I tried to mimic what I'd seen in her most recent video, doing 2 handed swings with the 26#, and increased my swing speed by  a lot. It generally just felt like a more powerful move. Of course, I tired out a lot quicker, hence the 200 swings as opposed to 300 or more! But it needs to be quality, not quantity. As much as I love posting high reps here, it doesn't really matter if I do 600 if there's no real power and force behind them. I feel like every time I pick up a KB, I discover something new!

I started South Beach with Bryan. I am generally not a fan of 'diets', but he has a lot of success with it, and wants to recreate his weight loss from April of 2005. I figure he'll have more success if I do it with him - not to mention I'll probably eat more than I have been lately! The only real difference is no sugar and no oatmeal for 2 weeks - oh, and no fruit, that's a killer for me, but it's just 2 weeks. What the hell, I'll try anything for shits and giggles!

No new news on my crazy sister-in-law. I need a break from that whole thing anyway.


Tina said...

Good Luck on the diet. I know I wouldn't be able to do that. My diet mostly consists of fruit lately, oranges to be specific.

It was 78 here yesterday,crazy warm,it was so nice I did a major spring cleaning.

Christine said...

Yeah, we're back to below freezing here. And it SUCKS! I'm not a big fan of South Beach - but it works for Bryan, and he really wants to look good for his reunion in June!