Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where I blame the Frappuccino

I feel for Britney's family, y'all. Because let me tell you, I had my own batshit crazy ranting girl in my living room, sucking down a frapp and ranting about how she just needs a bath in epsom salts and a massage, and how John Ritter and Three's Company home schooled her, and how she's going to write a book and be on Oprah, and I just couldn't help but wonder....

what the hell is in those Frapps?

It was bad. It was scary. It had moments of intense hilarity, where I wanted to laugh at the sheer ludicrousness of the situation. I wanted to be kind and compassionate, but a bigger part of me wanted to slap the shit out of her. I feel a lot of anger. Resentment. She has been doing this to my family going on a decade, and I am done. This is the same girl who, after we got in a big yelling match, overdosed on sleeping pills in an attempt to make it look like I had driven her to suicide. It had the opposite effect. It's the only time I have seen my brother contemplate sending her ass back to Canada. And god help me, my reaction was more along the lines of: you didn't take enough. 

That's cold as ice, I know. But I have no relationship with this person. We tolerate each other, that's it. All I have gotten from her is a lot of grief and heartache. I watched her getting pissy and antagonistic with my 6 year old son last night, and I thought : Oh, HELL no! You can be as nutty and irrational as you want, lady, but not in my family. Not around my kids. 

You want another great tidbit? They've been trying to adopt. Yeah, really well suited to be parents. She has told us that she wants a kid to be a 'third wheel' in their marriage, because they don't get along so well. She sleeps all day, even when she's not having an 'episode', and she is bar none, one of the most selfish people I know. I'm so angry at her, at my brother for bringing her into this family, for allowing this to go on with no consequences and no end in sight. She will never be well. She will never be 'normal'. And I have to live with her, as long as she's in this family. And I hate that. 


Julie said...

oh yikes! That sounds awful. I'm sorry. :(

Christine said...

What can you do? I feel sorriest for my brother - he's the one that has to live with her.

How's your mom doing? And how are YOU holding up?

Julie said...

she's doing ok. she had a bad case of bronchitis last week. :( I will be taking her to chemo on Thursday. I hope to go in with her to the doctor's visit too prior to the chemo. we shall see what she says about that! Thanks for asking.