Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where it snows again.

(Hi Tina, yes I see you. Who else in Memphis would be reading my blog so religiously but my sister in law? Ha!)

Yes, we are still in the full throes of a hideous winter. And I still want to die. I have to down about a pot of coffee a day just so I don't slip into a coma. 

As much as I hate winter at this point, there is a certain amount of beauty in it. Driving home from dropping off all the kids, the sky is grey and heavy, the trees are black, and everything else is white. And I have this blaring full blast:


Tina said...

:waves hand like jedi: This is not Tina. LoL

I hope it's ok I'm reading, you have every right to not want me too, I understand that need to have a safe place to vent.

I myself am ready for the weather to make up it's damn mind and pick a season already. This 60 one day and 30 the next is KILLING me. But I'm sure you would LOVE it here :-)

Christine said...

Ha! I knew it was you! It's totally ok - I think I'm an open book anyway, I have nothing to hide!

Yeah, Angie was sending the girls outside the other day without coats - she said it was in the 60's. That was the day we had the wind chill of -14. Blerg!