Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where I'm down by a pound

Woot! I guess skipping dinner helped! I know, bad choices, but I was honestly so tired, I was in bed at 5:30pm, and I just watched bad tv until I went to sleep - at 9:30! That's insanely early for me, but I was shredded. I've noticed that after several busy days, I need a day to just recoup. So I slept a good 9 hours, and I feel better. I tried to swing, but after I got to about 130 reps, i realized that my shoulder really hurt, and I probably needed to stretch. I did yoga instead, and was getting into my groove, when of course the phone rang. It was one of the mom's from Tyler's school, and she needs photos of Tyler for some stupid dvd their doing. She needed them, like, last week, so I frantically started looking for some that were appropriate. By the time I was done, my body had cooled down, and I could not find my yoga groove. Dammit! But I did get a good amount of stretching in, and oh my god, have I lost my flexibility. I have got to make yoga a part of my regular routine. And there's no reason to spend 100 bucks a month on going to class - I know all the vinyasas, there's no reason I can't do it alone, just like KBs. It's amazing how 30 minutes of yoga helped my neck and shoulder. I couldn't turn my head all the way to the left this morning, and now I can. 

Happy food discoveries I made yesterday: 100 calorie butter pecan ice cream bars that are divine, and 45 calorie rice cakes, flavored with white cheddar and taste like cheese popcorn. Yum! Snacking tends to be my downfall, and I'm happy to find stuff I can eat and not feel guilt. 

I also bought a head of cabbage, which I love and plan on shredding for lunch today. I have this recipe for a slaw from cooking light, and it has a thai-inspired peanut dressing. I figure I'll toss some chicken in, and that's lunch. 

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