Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where I ponder

Time for the monthly food/diet rant.

I have really gotten back on track with the eating and exercising. I have been tightening up my calories and fat intake (well, save for the ration of cashews and chocolate chips I eat as 'dessert' - but I fear those are going to be gone soon.) and yet, the scale, she will not budge. I find myself stepping on and yelling 'are you kidding me?' I'm swinging a lot heavier, longer, more frequently. I don't eat crap. What. The. Hell? 

My mom has lamented for years that after 35, she had a really hard time getting weight off. She has warned me for years, and to be honest, I didn't listen. I have never had a real weight problem. When I have wanted to lose a few pounds, it was just a matter of not eating ice cream for a few days and upping the ante on the exercise. Not so much now. 

I read a quote on another exercise blog that said 'you can't out exercise a bad diet.' And I have a feeling that's what a few people would say to me. But my response is- it's not bad. Yesterday, for example: a couple of eggs over easy (cooked in a little Pam), coffee, chicken taco for dinner (lettuce, avocado, tomato, cheese) and an orange. That's not a lot of food, y'all. I was hungry. Trust me, I wanted to eat more. Today, I have had a miniscule amount of coffee (it's doing a number on my gut these days) a little English Breakfast tea, and a bowl of Irish oatmeal with a tablespoon of brown sugar. That. Is. It. And it's after noon. Am I hungry? You bet your sweet ass I'm starving. And I will eat a little later. I'm not going to develop an eating disorder, that's stupid. But I am definitely trying to retrain my brain to eat only when I need it. No boredom eating, no comfort eating. And that is a definite learned behavior. 

So, it's 37 degrees out, which seems really warm, and I think I'll take Addie for a stroller ride before I eat.

Oh, and I seriously pulled something swinging last night. The muscle that connects my shoulder to my neck is killing me on the right side. I can barely turn my head. I sense a need for yoga.

(ETA: had walk with Addie, then ate spinach salad with chicken and a little shredded pimento cheese, plus a slice of toasted sourdough. Still ravenous, but I can't tell if that's emotional hunger or physical. Oh - also had a cup of green tea. Supposed to help hunger cravings. Not working so far!)

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