Monday, February 11, 2008

Where I'm back in black, y'all

(That's an AC/DC reference, not Amy Winehouse)

Cranked out 300 reps today. First time in months that it did NOT fell like a chore to swing. Maybe it's my new shirt. It's just a grey t shirt from J Crew, but I feel very cute and buff in it. Maybe it's because I wore jeans instead of 'workout pants' - a la Tracy - and I was channeling her super awesome strength. Whatever the case may be, I rocked it the fuck out, y'all. Let me try to remember the exact combo, it went a little something like this:

40 single transfers 18lb (warm up)
20 two handed swings 26lb x 5
20 single transfers 26lb x 3
20 two handed swings 35lb x 2
20 single transfers 18lb
40 snatches 18lb

300 reps, people! And I felt like I could've kept going, too. But I decided not to overdo, as I'm sure (given the heavier weights) that I'll be feeling this tomorrow morning. It felt good. Maybe I'm just finally resigned to the fact that its going to be winter forever and my body has finally adapted. Whatever, I hope the streak of energy continues. 

This is the hell week - between Valentine's Day kid parties and the big ass Auction this weekend, I'm swamped. I figure this is really the week I need to eat well and exercise, or else I'll run myself into the ground. 

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