Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I remember my first general presidential election. It was 1992. Clinton/Gore ticket. Even though I was young and not particularly savvy in terms of politics, I knew there was something different. I knew that there was change in the air. I remember that night so clearly, watching the returns come in, as Clinton took state after state, and I had that profound feeling that even my one little vote made a big difference.

Like a lot of Americans, I became very disillusioned after the 'stolen' election of 2000. After eight years of George W. Bush, I am even more disheartened and saddened at the state of our once great nation. Going into this election year, the one thing I really want is to believe in this country again. I want to believe in the political process. I believe that the country is ready for a candidate who will unite this country. I believe that we are all sick of the 'red state blue state' divide.

When I stood in a line 4,000 people strong to caucus last night, I felt a swell of pride and excitement I had not known in years. I stood alongside fellow democrats, as well as independents and republicans crossing party lines. We were all there for the same reason. We all believe that Barack Obama needs to be the next President of the United States. Kansas, a primarily republican state, turned out in record numbers last night in support of Obama. Lines went around the block, people stood in frigid temperatures, all because we believe that strongly that this man is the one. And our time is NOW.

A lot of people argue that he doesn't have enough experience. I for one, am tired of experienced politicians running our country. I don't think they've done such a great job lately. And as a citizen, it is my right, and yours, too, to tell them they are out of a job. It's time to move on. This country was founded by a group of men who were not professional politicians. They didn't know the first thing about running a country. But they knew right form wrong, and they believed in the greatness that our country was capable of.  We don't need the Washington elite. We need ordinary men willing to do extraordinary things. 

Last night, I felt I was a part of history in the making. Packed in like sardines, hot and cranky and tired, but all united with one purpose: to make a change. One man started chanting "Yes we can!" And soon a throng of voices chimed in and lifted it to the rafters. And I believe it. Our time IS now.


Aaron Friday said...

Way to represent yourself. I'll be voting for Ron Paul, but I have a feeling Obama will be the next prez.

At least we know this much: It will not be Bush, it will not be Cheney, and it will not be Romney.

Christine said...

No more Bush and Clinton dynasties! It was a raucous caucus for sure! I'm not sure yet if Obama can win the nomination - we still have Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio primaries, and those are all a lot of delegates. The talking heads are saying they'll all go primarily to Clinton, but I don't know. I hope not!

Aaron Friday said...

No matter who shows up in the White House, I'm pretty sure they can't pay for any programs or wars.

I'm with you on the dynasties. Everything about that is wrong. We dumped royal families in 1776, and I thought people considered that a good thing.

Wait and see about Obama. He's got momentum, and I think he's more electable than Clinton. Republicans will come in droves not to vote for Clinton.

I don't support Obama, because he is a huge gun-grabber. Telling me that I don't have the right to defend my life and my family is a fundamental difference of opinion. There is no freedom without the right to defend one's very life. Clinton is the same; just more shrill and irritating, and she's been bought by corporations.

no matter who gets elected, they'll have one hell of a time.