Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where I try to get on with it

I am really trying to forget about the unpleasantries of yesterday, but I admit, I am having a really hard time moving on. Every time I think of it, I get mad. At least I have moved beyond feeling hurt and vulnerable. It makes me furious that such a douchy doucherton made me cry. As if his opinion matters. But still, it was way harsh and uncalled for, and just plain threw me off. I still feel out of sorts.

I have dinner going - eating has been crap today. Coffee and peanut butter m&ms. That's about it. And I haven't swung yet. Blerg.

But it's veggie burritos for dinner, and after the final auction meeting, I will swing, It may be 10 o'clock before I head down to pick up a KB, but it will get done. 

I just want to erase yesterday from my memory.

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