Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh my goodness.... we wound up taking another walk to go get Tyler from school, and it was so unbelievably warm, I was actually sweating! I don't think I've broken a sweat since last October. So I had two long ass walks with the nearly 40 pound toddler in the jog stroller. Yowch. My out of shape ass is hurting!

In other news, there was an annoying woman at the grocery store. She talked on her cell phone the entire time she was there, and then proceeded to get in my fucking way because y'know, she was too damn important to worry about the fact that there are other people. All around her. I wanted to follow her outside so I could knife a bitch, but better judgement prevailed. That has to be one of my top irritations: the whole talking on the cell phone while doing (insert mindless task here). I mean, really? You can't just shop? You can't just wait in line? My all time most hated: mommies who stroll their kids and gab away on a cell phone. Are they fucking kidding me? Are you such a complete asshat that it pains you to interact with your child for longer than a nanosecond? I mean COME ON! (Yeah, blonde bitchy neighbor that won't talk to me - I'm looking at YOU.)

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