Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where it's a snow day

The rain turned to snow, so here I am with all 3 kids home from school. It's actually not bad out, I'm not sure why they cancelled, except that they're all a bunch of pansies. 

I have already made a pot of coffee, of course. I also cooked up the all natural (no nitrates or preservatives!) chicken and pheasant sausage and put it away for breakfast tomorrow. I have sliced up the remaining bread from the other day to make french toast tomorrow. I'll make new, fresh loaves shortly. I made crackers yesterday that turned out so amazing, I'm thinking of making a different flavored batch today (rice flour, curry, garlic and cilantro? hmmm...). They are so yummy, and a better snack alternative for the kids versus the processed crap. And being that they're supposed to be dry and crispy, they should last at least a week or two. I'm drawing a blank for dinner. Do I make a soup? Stew? Roast a chicken? Or a turkey? I need to do some creative brainstorming.

It may all seem like a lot of work, but it doesn't feel that way to me. I have days I'm super busy, and cannot be home all day cooking, so I try to do a lot when I know I have to be home. I was actually supposed to be kid-free today (waaah!) so I had errands planned. Tomorrow was going to be the kitchen day. But I'm revising due to inclement weather!

The bottom line is: the more I prepare at home, the more aware I am exactly what my kids are eating! Plus, when there's a wind chill of zero, what else are you going to do but bake?!


Jenny said...

Why? WHYYYYYY is school out? Are they trying to kill me????? AAAGHHHH.

Christine said...

I was a tad on the bummed out side - after all, it's only on tuesday and thursday that I get to get rid of all the kids! Blah, it's totally fine out, btw - I just got back from Whole Foods. Grrrr....