Friday, January 18, 2008

Where I crap myself

Did you know that college is expensive? I mean, like, really, really, sell-a-kidney-and-start-selling-crack-expensive?

Okay, State schools=affordable. *Only* 11,000 a year. And KU is a really good school. But I have a very bright kid who has been telling me, for the last 2 years, that he wants to go to MIT. He read an article in National Geographic Kids about it, and after seeing that it's one of the top Science and Technology schools, decided that was it for him. I love that he has this dream, this lofty goal. I was not the most motivated student, and I love that he is. But y'all, do you know how much it is to go there? 

Take a breath. Wait for it.....

47,000 a year. 

Oh. My. GAH.

I can't even wrap my brain around that. Seriously? Are they for real? Even if he gets scholarships, there's still a lot to be paid. He'll be paying off student loans for the rest of his life. Then there's the other 2 kids we need to worry about sending to school. I could just be like my parents were - tell them they're on their own, there's no help for them- but I can see where that got me. (Why bother studying or doing well? I can't afford to go to anything beyond a crap ass junior college anyway. Yes, I am a little bitter.) I don't want to discourage him, but we did discuss the idea of him doing undergrad at KU, and then applying to the 'good schools' (MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford, UC Berkley) for graduate and post graduate work. Because if this kid continues to be hell bent on Chemistry and the Earth Sciences, he is going to be in school forever.

I know, he's only 12. But he's almost done with grade school. Then there's just 2 short years of middle school. Then we're starting high school, and it's time to get serious. The time goes so fast, I know that I'll blink and he'll be ready to leave the nest. And he's just so damn smart. Even getting straight As at school, his teacher will say 'I just don't think he's working up to his potential.' Every teacher he has had has recognized that he is truly special. Exceptional. And I know in my heart that he is capable of great things. 

Alrighty, in other news, I ate too much yesterday and didn't swing. My house is a mess. I have got to stop eating the apricot bars I made the other day. Today I must swing. And clean the bathroom. And read a few more chapters to Henry of "Little House in the Big Woods'. He is getting SO into it. Maybe he'll be my little history buff. 

I'm off!


Jenny said...

I know. I am trying to ignore all that myself. Its going to get interesting. WHen my brother went to KU, he paid $1100 per year, instate tuition (he lived off campus so not counting that). I went to TCU, private, which then was about what KU costs now. its crazy.

Jenny said...
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Christine said...

I keep telling myself that KU is a great school, but I will admit, there is a part of my that wants Tyler to go to a 'top' school. Partly for bragging rights, sure, but also, he's just so damn smart. I feel like he really deserves it. Also, I'm sure I'm channeling my resentment towards my family into wanting to do a total 180 from how I was perceived and treated.

Plus, MIT? Come on, he's like, guaranteed an amazing career.