Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where I start to freak out a little

Y'all, it's almost Thanksgiving! I have so damn much to do, I'm losing my mind. I feel more on top of the holiday brouhaha than in years past, but somehow, still panicky. There's still a  to get, and really, not a lot of time. I countdown Christmas in paychecks, and there's only 2 more paychecks until Christmas. Yikes! Plus, I have a huge meal to cook in a matter of days, and that has me stressed. 

Okay. Enough. Moving on.

Did 300 swings last night. One hundred in a row singles with the 18 lb, 60 two handed with the 26#, 40 singles with the 18, 10 windmills, and the rest single transfers. I had eaten a tuna salad for lunch (greek style: olives, tomato, celery, feta, oil and vinegar) and a huge green salad for dinner (every veggie imaginable, a little ham and chicken, too.) In other words, I had done great! Until... well, I bought a pint of Hagen Daz at the store. Why? Self sabotage, apparently! Because I ate the whole. Damn. Thing. It was banana split flavor, and oh my god, it was too good. I am angry at myself today, it feels like the rest of the day was null and void because of that. I've been trying to really keep calories low so I can have a good binge on Turkey Day. Ugg. So pissed. 

Okay, off to the store to the Round One of the Big Shopping.


Jenny said...

could you please help me figure out how you started forcing yourself back on track? Because I can't stop eating long enough to force myself to put on my yoga clothes. Also I have enough sweet baked things ready to be made in my house to blow me up to the size of a horse. Oy.

Christine said...

Considering I'm sitting here eating the rest of Tyler's birthday cake (Andre's chocolate raspberry!) I'm probably not the best role model. However, I have forced myself to get back into working out for the sole purpose of being able to EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT during the holidays. Screw yoga. Get a kettlebell. You build muscle, burn fat, and you can do it at home. Therefore, no excuses. Come swing with me sometime.

I totally didn't mean that how it sounds. Swinging kettlebells, not "swinging" - wink wink nudge nudge.

I'm so tired.

Julie said...

Good for the great workout and eating healthy (minus the ice cream, of course)!! :)

have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Christine said...

Darlin', I MISSES Y'ALL! (Sorry, too much time in the south!) Hope you have a great holiday - I'm sure it will be tinged with sadness, missing your grandpa... but nonetheless, have a good day!

Jenny said...

heheh. Beavis, she said swinging! Heheheh.
Where are you? Lets go have a drink.