Friday, October 5, 2007

Workout post after way too long

I have to get back on track. The last 2 weeks my swinging routines have been sporadic at best. I suddenly find myself with a social life, which is great, and I am truly grateful, as it seems the last 6 years have been pretty darn lonely. However, not having any sort of 'life' meant plenty of time to work out and think about food. I never went anywhere, so hanging out in sweaty clothes all day was no big deal. Now I have places to go, people to see, things to do. I have to make time for KBs. This is new for me. It's a pain. Today, for example, I have a coffee group to go to at 9:30. Even though I really didn't feel like it, I rushed home, changed, and went out in the horrid humidity (oh, yeah, mother nature? Hi, it's fucking october, bitch, can you turn the cold on? thanks.) and did some swings. 200 total, half with the 8kg, half with the 12kg. 10 c&p at the end. 

I have to make this a routine. I'm so used to just doing it whenever, now i have to plan it - which I hate. But it's a necessity. Or as my mom said "you have to make exercise your top priority". 

On that note, I have to go hop in the shower!

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