Sunday, October 7, 2007

Where I have a rough weekend

This is what my children have reduced me to:

Okay, so it's a staged photo, y'all know that my main thrill in life is to take hilarious, unflattering photos of myself. It's what I live for.

However, it was a hellish weekend involving little to no sleep and a profusely vomiting 3-year old. And so, gentle readers, there was no exercise of any kind. Unless it involved the calories burned flipping the remote or scooping out ice cream. Scratch that, there was not a lot of scooping, it just got eaten right out of the carton. I'm drinking an amaretto sour in the above photo. And since I am too tired to be witty, I am going to go to bed, and hope for a better series of days starting tomorrow.


Jenny said...

But the hair is perfect!

Christine said...

I am a sexy sexy bitch!