Sunday, September 9, 2007

Workout post number ad infinitum

In keeping with my new resolution to try swinging everyday, I got a short workout in this morning before our busy day began. It consisted of 100 swings with the 12 kg, in sets of 20 - 40. In between sets I would do a vinyasa (forward bend into plank, to up dog, to down dog, to warrior one, to warrior three) Then I came up with a drill to help me work towards pistols. It involves a modification of a yoga pose, but I use both hands to hold my foot, and then go into bending the supporting knee, as far as I can without losing balance. I had Bryan come out and watch, and he made a few comments about how great my leg muscles looked. It's a great drill, and I think it will help me achieve my goal. I also did a few rounds of cossacks with the 12 kg. Those were a tad brutal. All in all, it was a fun workout. I changed it up, and it kept things interesting. I could've done more, but the family was waiting on me to go to the Art Fair in Westport, so I had to keep it short. I'm going on a walk as soon as Bryan gets back from his bike ride. Then I'm going to chill and watch Britney on the VMAs. 'Cause y'all, she's a goddamn cheetoo and red bull soaked train wreck, and I loves me a train wreck!

On a side note, I welcome any feedback on my workout plans, I train pretty much solo and am basically self taught with KBs. I am open to any suggestions on training!

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