Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where I ponder

So, I got a ton of people looking at my video, and no one had anything to say, which means either:
a.) they thought it looked fine, no need for commentary


b.) They were laughing their asses off. Pointing, too. 

Y'all do know about my slight inferiority complex? Ah well, no news is good news, right? On to pondering, I have been reading a little on training with KBs every day, and I'm thinking about it. Swings are my cardio - especially since my back issues and I can't jog or do anything high impact - so it should be alright to do it everyday, right? I'm thinking of giving it a try - shortening routines, of course, I can't do 400-600 reps everyday, let's be realistic! Short, heavy, everyday. Hmmm. I'd be curious to see how that makes me feel.


Royce said...

Man I gotta check blogs more often. Rememeber my form is self taught too, but it seemed good to me. Everone has diferent levers and therefore slightly different form. Good work by the way!!

Christine said...

I keep reminding myself that I have come a long way - in April I was swinging 9 ponds, and I was winded at that! I never thought I'd be able to snatch the 26! Next stop, the 35#!