Monday, August 13, 2007

Workout Notes 6

Bryan is working from home today, so no basement swinging. (It's both the workout area and his home office.) So it was outside swinging this morning.

In 100% humidity.

The heat really wasn't too bad when I stepped out, but it only took about 20 swings in to realize that the weather was to be my nemesis today! I kept it light (18#) and short today: 300 reps, mostly swings, no squats, with 60 reps where I did four single swings, then snatched on the 5th, then switched sides. It's been a good way to slowly incorporate snatches. Oh, and my blister on my right hand ripped this morning. I see pumice and cornhuskers in my future. I am resisting the urge to pick at it. I love to pick at my skin. I know, bad!

Need coffee.

I'm off!

(ETA: remember how I said the phone always rings when I pick up a KB? This morning, at frigging 7:45am, as I am literally putting my hand on the 18# and start swinging - I had my Judas Priest blaring- the goddamn phone rings! My mother, of course. I answered the phone "SWINGING! I'll call you back!" Honestly.)

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