Saturday, August 11, 2007

Workout Notes 5

Lost count because the damn phone wouldn't stop ringing. No shit - whenever I pick up a KB, the phone rings. Like clockwork. Anyhoo, Bryan and I worked out together, which was interesting, but messed with my flow a bit. I did somewhere around 400 reps. I think a little over, but we'll log it as 400 and not quibble. Getting better with snatches. My grip and the state of my hands are still the biggest stumbling block I have. I can push though fatigue, but if my hands are shredded, workout ends.

We have a sitter coming over tonight, which will be nice. We're going out for mojitos and carpaccio. Mmmm. Booze and raw beef. Try it, it's good!

Still hotter than hell here. Glad we have a new air conditioner. Life is truly great these days.

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