Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where I'm a little annoyed

So, the Kb instructor I found? He works out of a gym ... that you must be a member of... so I have to join the damn gym, plus pay his fee of $75.00, just to get some critique. I'm a wee bit miffed. He also wanted to know how many days a week I wanted to train with him. Ummm... I thought I was clear that I just wanted a few sessions. Just to correct my form. I cannot afford to have a professional trainer two or three times a week, plus I think I do pretty damn fine on my own thankyouverymuch!

I don't mean to sound bitchy, but it's just very off putting. There are NO KB resources here in Kansas City, and it was a struggle in the beginning, but I feel I've gotten the swing of it (ha ha) between reading Enter the Kettlebell, watching the dvd, and studying any and every KB video online, plus perusing the Dragondoor forum. I have a more than basic grasp of the basics. OKay, I still fucking HATE TGUs, and almost never do them, but y'know, we're not all perfect. I swing my damn ass off. Literally!

So now I'm left not knowing what to do. I really want someone RKC certified to train with a few times, but I really DON'T want to have to join a gym to do so. For what I'd spend to join, and do one session, that's like a month and a half of yoga! Part of the attraction of KBs was the absence of expensive bullshit. I mean, besides the initial cost of the Kbs, which are TOTALLY worth it.

My next immediate plan of action is to get some video of me swinging and snatching to post. This is a horrifically frightening prospect for me. I work out in my dingy, dirty, dungeon of a basement, with the brown recluse spiders and occasional snake. (There was only a snake one time. But there are an assload of spiders.) However, it's probably the cheapest and easiest route to go for now. 



Tracy said...


We are too old to wear bikini's anyway, let it go....

Maotivation to change often comes from finally being tired of the way things are currently "not working", but then go with it and feel the goodness...the power that you have as a woman.. a beautiful a mother a a good person...a loving and giving person.

I'm going to e-mail you later more thoughts too personal to discuss here. Tracy

Christine said...

My motivation has definitely evolved over that last several months, based on what I have seen 'works' and does not!

Every day is a clean slate.

Jenny said...

I don't know where the guy works, but 24 hr fitness will let you buy a day pass or a week pass, sometimes. Lifetime doesn't, but they are assholes. We belong there, and Trip gets a guest pass sometimes, so I'll see if I can get you one. Then you can schedule a one time thing with him on the day you use your guestpass, if he'll let you.
Othwerwise, fuck 'em. Tell him you have a blog, and you aren't afraid to use it to post his real name and assholeness. See how he likes dem apples.
I'm kind of on a tear today, not in a good mood myself, can you tell?

Christine said...

Oh, my kindred, bitchy spirit!

It's a small gym in Westport, and the monthly fee isn't as bad as some, but on top of his fee, it ends up being A LOT. And it's a principle thing, y'know? I am very anti- conventional gym these days, for a variety of reasons. The top one being: I have belonged to a slew of gyms over the years, paid exorbitant fees for unlimited yoga, and even when I was dedicated to whatever I was doing at the time, my body NEVER looked like this. I have never had this kind of muscle tone or definition. I may have been skinnier in the past, but never this muscular. And it's been all me, all my motivation and hard work and sweat. I would love feedback on my form, but that is it!

I may see if he'd be willing to just meet in a park somewhere once it cools off more. I don't know. But on to more important news, when are you and Trip going to grab your winecube and get your butts over here?