Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where I reveal that despite my steel exterior, I really am an oversensitive crybaby

Do you ever read a blog entry on your links list , and you wonder if the pissy post is directed at YOU? I swear to god, this happens to me at least every other month. Man, I don't mean to sound paranoid, but it usually sounds like a companion piece to something I had recently written - like a public response. I read it and go "Is that....Noooooo! They're not talking to ME, are they? Hmmm.... I have been getting snarky responses from my comments on said blog...." Here's the thing: I read A LOT of blogs devoted to fitness, kettlebells, and nutrition. I comment on most of them. I am not, however, fanatical about my diet. I don't do the no-carb thing. I try to eat mostly whole grains, with the occasional pasta indulgence (and I will eat my baked goods, when I make them) but the really die hard stuff: sorry, no can do. My reasoning is this: I have tried really extreme dieting - in that I mean restrictive- and at some point, I binge. I binge hardcore. It ain't pretty. For me, rather than an 'all or nothing' mentality, I try to walk the middle ground. Portion control. Eating the good foods first. Reaching for a piece of fruit before a cookie. And it's been working. I don't feel as obsessed about eating. Here's the other thing: I am not overweight. I have never struggled with my weight. In fact, I spent far more years underweight - up until age 27-28, I couldn't gain weight. that's where my bad food habits came from, I could eat and eat, and not gain an ounce. I came out of pregnancy #1 SKINNIER than when I started. It's been in the last 7 years that my metabolism has slowed down, and I have had to relearn eating. Things most people learn at a young age, I am having to do now. So don't get pissy with me because I don't subscribe to any one school of thought. I eat well, exercise religiously, and feel great! My question is, why does anyone give a shit? I blog for fun, for an outlet, to keep track of my KB progress, and hopefully, make someone giggle every now and then. I am not here to preach, or inspire, or be role model.

Needless to say, it pisses me off. A lot. It's just this: I have sitemeter, I know you're all out there, so if anyone has anything to say, say it.

Or, conversely:

We now return to our regularly scheduled non cry baby programming.


fetch said...

Have to say it. You crack me up. Seriously. Whether your intent or not. I *luuv* the vid clip.

Just one of your lurkers helping drive up the sitemeter since finding your blog 2-3 weeks ago through some other chicks kb-related blog (don't remember who off the top of my head to give credit where it's due).

l a t e r

Christine said...

Are you laughing WITH me or AT me? Oh, shit, I don't care, I'm all about hilarity. Are you a KB swinger or just interested?

Jenny said...

Heh. Laughing with you, totally.
Also your calves kind of scare me.

The other day Drew said, When is Henry coming to play again? Then he said, and also, who is Henry, exactly? Because he couldn't remember the context in which he knew him, just that they had fun. Too funny.

Christine said...

The kids has such a blast that night (as did the mama)! Le sigh. I never see anyone anymore. The heat seems to keep everyone in these days. I am pondering doing a small Labor Day get together - we're still in the pondering stage, nothing's set in stone - but if so, you'll have to come over, and bring your friends, too. We'll look at Belinder yearbooks and drink mojitos!

fetch said...

WITH, chickalicous, most decidedly *with*.

oh, ya, but only for a couple weeks now. Trudging along like a turtle to (hopefully) learn it right, but it's all good.

Jenny said...

Ermf. I think we are going to al-ah-BAMA that weekend.