Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where I may fall down the stairs

Seriously, y'all, I hurt. Not kidding, my legs haven't hurt like this since I started KBs! I think it's safe to say that I mixed things up yesterday. I have read that it's best to switch up routines and keep your muscles guessing, and I think that's probably true. My quads and hammies are killing me today. In a good way, of course. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, it's a swing day, and hopefully I'll be recovered by then!

We have had a nice cool off to the weather, so I'll be hitting the road tonight to walk my booty off and stretch out my poor tired aching legs. 

Food today has been alright, I think. Coffee and milk in the a.m., and I just had a small spinach and tomato salad with a handful of mixed nuts. I find if I don't have at least a tiny bit of protein, I start to feel icky. Icky-ness leads to poor food choices. 

I'm debating buying the "Anti-Estrogenic Diet," I keep hearing a lot about it on the Dragon Door forums, but I don't know. I hate to go buy one more damn diet/fitness book that I am not 100% sure I'm going to use. My typical eating pattern resembles the Warrior Diet anyway, and I've been debating for months if I should just buy the damn book and see what it's all about. Maybe I'll see if our local library has it. If I'm still welcome there, I have a terrible track record of not returning books, I live in fear that the librarians will come at me with torches and pitchforks. 

That's all here. Time to entertain the hellions!


Jenny said...

yes but now you can renew online with jocolibrary, so even if you can't get over there to return the books you can just go online and renew them a buy yourself more time.
You can also reserve them online, so they pull it for you and all you have to do is walk in and pick it up, no hunting it down!

Christine said...

I checked online, they don't have it. Bummer! At least it saved me a trip to the library!